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is rly good
Hi hi! Sorry that you've not been feeling good, really hope things'll get better soon for you! Just remember that you're top-notch and a lot of us admire you!!

thank you friend i love you

what are some good ways to stop panic attacks i usually take a hot shower and that makes me feel better but that hasn’t been working lately idk what else to do

hello friends i was having a really bad week so i had to take a break from everything but i’m back now i think


oh… my god

sorry about not bloggin much for the past two days friends i’ll be back soon

*having sex*


you: are u ready babe should i put it in
me: *arin hanson voice* do it

I know that feeling of just death in the form of headaches and cramps. Feel better <3

thank you friend

i’m really hungover and i had my period just now. why this happen. wh y